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Intimacy Disorders

What is an Intimacy Disorder?

An intimacy disorder is a characteristic pattern of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that prevents you from fully sharing yourself with the important people in your life. In essence, it involves putting up barriers and walls in your relationships. Sometimes those walls are thick and obvious; sometimes they are so subtle that you are the only one who knows just how much you are holding back sharing who you really are. Sometimes even you don't know.

Are Intimacy Disorders Just About Sex?

No. Although many intimacy disorders involve sexual behavior, your sex life may not be the primary area of your life affected by the intimacy disorder and, in fact, may not be significantly affected at all. This is because sex is only one form of intimacy. Relationship expert Terry Real describes 5 forms of intimacy: emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, and sexual. My personal beliefs are similar to those of Pia Mellody, recovery and relationship expert as well as author of The Intimacy Factor. I consider all intimacy work to be spiritual to some degree. This is because for you to be fully connected to another in a true and meaningful way, you have to first know yourself. It is in knowing, accepting, and loving the most vulnerable parts of yourself that you gain the capacity to know, accept, and love the most vulnerable parts of another.

What Types of Intimacy Disorders Do You Treat?

Because intimacy is integrally connected to our relationship history and our ability to trust, intimacy issues have a broad impact on our lives and show up in my office in a variety of ways. However, the intimacy issues that I specialize in include: sex and porn addiction, intimacy anorexia, love addiction and love avoidance, codependency, and trauma issues.

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