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Recovery center that offers multiple 12 Step meetings, including: SAA, SA, SLAA, COSA


List of all SAA groups in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex


  • McKinney Hope and Recovery SAASunday 6:00-7:00 pm
    • Location:  250 Adriatic Parkway
    • McKinney, TX 75070
    • (The Shepard Building Community Room)

   Follows SAA PPG Guidelines:

   Location:  First Baptist Church

   1615 W. Louisiana Pkwy McKinney, TX

   (Behind Church in portable Bldg #2)

   Saturday   8:30-9:30 am

   Thursday   6:30 pm


  • Texas Free Lecture Series – monthly lectures on recovery topics

Dallas: 7:00 – 8:30 pm 

Unity Church of Dallas
6525 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75230



  • Partner's Empowerment Group - low-cost therapeutic group for women healing from infidelity or being in a relationship with a sexually addicted spouse


  • Married & Alone Group - low-cost therapeutic group for women healing from intimacy deprivation from being in a relationship with a sexually anorexic or intimacy anorexic spouse. Many of the women have also experienced overt or covert emotional abuse.


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Janice’s Media Library

This is a collection of recovery audio CDs and DVDs that are available for viewing by my clients and their spouses/significant others. Contact Janice to arrange a viewing time.

For Partners


  • Partner to Partner by Doug Weiss

Conversation among partners of sex addicts sharing their stories.

  • Now That I Know What Do I Do by Doug Weiss

Provides answers to the 10 most frequent questions for partners of sex addicts. 

  • Gaslight

Classic movie demonstrating how easily we can lose touch with our own reality in the face of lies and manipulations by our loved ones. 

  • Dating Again by Doug Weiss

 Provides help for partners who are no longer in a relationship with the sex addict, and contemplating dating again.

  • Calming the Storm of Anger by Doug Weiss

Addresses how to deal with the intense anger that partners frequently feel after discovery. Includes anger as a normal response, anger as a healing agent, and anger that partners can become stuck in that becomes an obstacle to healing.


For Sex Addiction


  • Helping Her Heal by Doug Weiss

Guide for sex addicts seeking to understand and repair the pain caused to the partner.

  • Contrary to Love: Sex Addiction by Patrick Carnes

Part 3 of the 12-part PBS series covering the spectrum of addictive disorders and their treatment. 

  • Addict to Addict by Doug Weiss

Conversation among sex addicts sharing their hope and experience of the recovery process.

  • Making Amends by Heart to Heart Counseling Center

Advice on completing Step 9 (making amends) to your wife.


Audio CD 

  • Facing the Shadow by Patrick Carnes

Provides an understanding of the addictive process and offers a practical guide through the early recovery of sex addiction.

  • Addiction Interaction Disorder: Understanding Multiple Addictions by Patrick Carnes

Provides information on how multiple addictions or compulsions combine and interact in a complex system.

  • Eroticized Rage by Patrick Carnes

Provides information on arousal templates, such as fear, shame, or anger, that govern our sexual attraction and relationships


For Addicts and Partners


  • Fireproof

Cinema movie depicting relationship recovery from pornography addiction. 

  • Sex, Lies, and Obsession

Made for television movie depicting true story of couple recovery from sex addiction.

  • Using Fidelity Polygraphs in Sex Addiction Recovery

Sex Addiction Recovery Training Series by Doug Weiss & Dianne Robinson


Audio CD 

  • Love Dare

Relationship repair strategy depicted in the movie Fireproof.


Teen Sex Addiction

  • Born for War by Doug Weiss

Focuses on understanding and addressing sexually compulsive behavior in teenagers. 


General Recovery


  • Shame by Claudia Black

Describes the role of shame in both addiction and recovery. 

  • Roles by Claudia Black

Describes the roles that typically occur in addictive family systems and how we play out those roles in adulthood. 

  • The Process of Recovery by Claudia Black

Describes how emotional deprivation and faulty belief systems fuel self-defeating behaviors.


Intimacy Anorexia


  • Married and Alone by Doug Weiss

Helps the partner of an intimacy anorexic understand the syndrome.

  • Intimacy Anorexia by Doug Weiss

Explains the origins and recommended treatment for intimacy anorexia.




  • Boundaries by Pia Mellody

Explains the nature and purpose of boundaries and how to set up a working boundary system so that you can protect yourself and have a better sense of who you are. 

  • Codependence by Pia Mellody

Describes the relationship between relational-developmental trauma and the five core symptoms of codependency.


General Relationship

Audio CD

  • The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

Describes our primary ways of expressing and interpreting love.

  • Love Dare

Relationship repair strategy depicted in the movie Fireproof.

  • Boundaries by Henry Cloud & John Townsend
  • Boundaries Face to Face by Henry Cloud & John Townsend


Love Addiction and Love Avoidance


  • Love Addiction/Love Avoidance by Pia Mellody

Explains the development of love addiction/love avoidance and provides a guide for recovery.




  • Trauma Bonds: When Humans Bond with Those Who Hurt Them by Patrick Carnes

Describes how trauma bonds develop, typical coping strategies that develop in the aftermath, and how to break free. 

  • Trauma and the Body: A Psychodramatic Approach by Tian Dayton

Demonstrates use of body work to address trauma in a group setting.

  • Resolving Trauma in Psychotherapy: A Somatic Approach by Peter Levine

Provides understanding of Somatic Experiencing via live excerpts from a series of live psychotherapy sessions with an Iraqi veteran.


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