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3-Day and 4-Day Kintsugi Recovery Intensives

  • Sex or Pornography Addiction Intensive
    • Couples Intensive
    • Couples Intensive with Therapeutic Disclosure 
    • Individual Addiction Intensive - Recovery Jump Start
    • Individual Addiction Intensive - Truama Healing
    • Partner of Sex Addict Betrayal Trauma Individual Intensive
  • Intimacy Anorexia Intensive
    • Intimacy Anorexia Couples Intensive
    • Intimacy Anorexia Individual Intensive
    • Intimacy Deprivation Individual Intensive
  • Beyond Betrayal Infidelity Couples Intensive
    • Couples Intensive
    • Couples Intensive with Therapeutic Disclosure
    • Individual Betrayed Partner Intensive

3 day intensive

What is a 3-day intensive?

An intensive is an opportunity to devote 3 days to your own healing or toward the transformation of your relationship. It requires a commitment, without distractions or excuses, and a willingness to do some hard emotional work.

An intensive is not a cure, nor is it a replacement for ongoing psychotherapy or a recovery lifestyle. However, for many people traditional weekly sessions alone are too brief and infrequent to tap into the deeper, underlying issues that prevent change and do not allow you to build enough momentum to translate insights into change after the session is over. If you are at an impasse, the sustained, dedicated time at an intensive can create the conditions to move beyond the gridlock in your life.

In some cases an intensive is designed to give you a jump-start on your recovery process or move you into a deeper level of work. In other cases, a 3-day intensive helps you to identify and address the obstacles that have prevented you from forward progress. For some, this may involve getting to the root of an addiction or addressing the damage of a sexual or emotional betrayal; for others this may involve facing the impact of relational trauma or an intimacy starved relationship.

Although each intensive is customized to meet your unique needs, 3-day intensives often involve some combination of education and multiple, daily individual, couple, and/or group marathon sessions. MCR intensives are active and require you to be active in working on your goals during your time with us, including in between sessions. With the coaching of your facilitator, you will supply plenty of time and effort during the intensive as well as develop a plan of action to follow after completing the program. It is called an intensive for good reason!

marriage intensive

Are 3-Day Intensives Helpful to Everyone?

Just as there are no guarantees that medicine, or counseling, or that dealing with problems on your own will solve them, 3-day intensives are not best method for everyone. If you are not ready or willing to roll up your sleeves and dig deep during your intensive, it is unlikely that you will reap the benefits.

MCR does not schedule 3-day intensives when active suicidal or homicidal thoughts, domestic violence, Dissociative Identity Disorder, or serious mental illness are present. If your medical doctor has advised you against an intensive due to being at a critical point of a serious medical disorder, we will not schedule an intensive until you have been medically cleared.

3 day intensive for couples

How Do I Schedule My 3-Day Intensive?

Contact the MCR intensive organizer to discuss your goals for an intensive, coordinate schedules, and reserve your intensive space.

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